Shore Trousers - Sandstone

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Shore Trousers in Sandstone by Seeker x Retriever. Fisherman pants-inspired trousers with a modern silhouette and oversized leg. It can be worn in several ways: buttoned all the way up or with some buttons let down for a casual look. Comes with side zip closure, four side buttons, dual-colour hem and two hidden pockets on the side.

- Unisex

- Oversized fit

- Side zip closure

- Elastic waist

- Could be worn mid or high-waisted

- 4 side buttons

- 2 hidden pockets

Colour: Sandstone from golden shower tree buds. 100% handwoven cotton. Consciously crafted in Thailand.


Model is 188cm

Waist: Fits up to 86cm (34")

Inseam: 18cm (7")

Total length: 114.3 cm (45”)


Each garment is made by hand. Please visit Care Instructions for more info.

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